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Examinations and Modules

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The following is a list of the examinations and modules that cover various aspects of the retirement plan arena:

*Previously "Administrative Issues of Defined Benefit Plans" 

Offered by ASPPA's sister organizations:

Recorded and Live Instruction

Recorded and live instruction can be used for training purposes, continuing education and/or preparation for an examination. The recorded and live instruction includes:


RPA constantly updates its education program to reflect changes in the rules, regulations and practices in the retirement plan industry. For each course of study offered, RPA annually reviews and updates key topics, learning objectives and syllabuses as well as the textbooks and other reading and preparatory materials to support the educational goals of its members and exam candidates. The publications include:

Institutional Training

To help support the many institutions that promote and support RPA’s wide array of education and credentialing programs, the RPA has introduced a special volume pricing program for institutions. For more information please click here.

About Retirement Plan Academy

The Retirement Plan Academy (RPA) delivers all of the certificate and credential programs that you’re familiar with and many new and exciting training solutions to assist ASPPA, ACOPA, NAPA and NTSA members. The RPA provides the very best professional development resources that are vital to your professional development and career success.

The Retirement Plan Academy offers comprehensive programs to ASPPA members and other retirement plan professionals because career and industry advancement are distinguishing characteristics of all ASPPA, ACOPA, NAPA and NTSA activities. Dedicated to providing practical and scholastic education programs, the curriculum is carefully expanded and improved each year to address legal, legislative and regulatory changes affecting the pension system and the work of retirement plan professionals. 

Unless otherwise noted, a candidate will not be tested on governmental rules and regulations promulgated on or after August 1 for all of the examinations and modules administered for the following calendar year. For the 2017 program year, all references on the modules and examinations will cover law and regulatory changes as amended through August 1, 2016.


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