Member Benefits

You are a unique professional, with your own workflow and specific demands on your time, so it should stand to reason that you need continuing education and events that actually recognize those two constraints. ASPPA agrees, which is why we’re proud to offer unrivaled levels of education, information, networking and advocacy. As an ASPPA member, you may:

Earn valuable credentials through ASPPA’s Retirement Plan Academy

The Retirement Plan Academy (RPA) will deliver all of the certificate and credential programs that you’re familiar with and many new and exciting training solutions to assist ASPPA members. As it is rolled out in the coming months, the RPA will provide the very best professional development resources, which are vital to your professional development and career success. 

Enjoy the benefits of a strong advocacy program that represents your career interests as well as the interests of your clients and participants

Get first-hand regulatory and legislative news, as well as strategic business information that will help you grow your practice.  You’ll reap the benefit of timely intelligence provided through the ASPPA asap newsletters and Comment Letters. Also receive major discounts on the highly acclaimed ASPPA Annual Conference and ASPPA’s regional conferences held in major cities throughout the United States

Access the ASPPA membership directory

As an ASPPA member, you’ll have access to a complete directory of your colleagues around the country. Connecting and networking with like-minded professionals has never been easier.

Receive free subscriptions to Plan Consultant magazine and ASPPA Connect

Your membership grants you unlimited access to Plan Consultant magazine, ASPPA’s quarterly publication that features the latest industry news, unique opinion columns and features from industry leaders across the country. You will also receive ASPPA Connect, an e-newsletter published on Mondays and Thursdays that features original articles as well as curated content, so that you’re always in the know and can take it wherever you go.

Get discounts to industry-leading conferences and webcasts

What’s better than the ASPPA Annual Conference? Saving hundreds of dollars on your registration fee! As a member, you’ll also receive significant discounts on ASPPA regional conferences and webcasts. It's a great way to rack up those continuing education credits!