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One of the benefits of being a member of ACOPA is access to the actuaries-only ListServe on which members can ask questions of other members, respond to questions others have asked, and comment on current developments in the pension actuarial and related fields. (Note that the ListServe is for non-governmental actuaries only.)

Participants on the ListServe universally agree that it is an excellent research device, complementing effectively the benefits of a fee-based research service. Participants have been very generous with their time in helping each other solve specific professional problems.  ACOPA dues cover the complete cost of the ListServe; there is no additional fee. Participation on the ListServe is available only to ACOPA members whose dues are up to date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a lot of traffic on the list serve, and you may find that your inbox is overwhelmed with emails from your fellow EAs. One way to control the traffic is to set up a separate folder for your ACOPA ListServe correspondence, then create a rule to automatically move emails to the folder (and not to your BlackBerry). To set up a new folder in Outlook, click on File\New\Folder and type in the folder name (e.g., "ACOPA ListServe"). Next, go to Tools\Rules and Alerts and click on “new rule.” Choose “Start creating a rule from template,” then “Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder.” The “specific word” is [collegeofpensionactuaries] and the folder is the one you just created (e.g., "ACOPA ListServe").

To join the ACOPA ListServe, click here.

Already on the ListServe? Members may access the ListServe messages by clicking on the following link: List Serve Messages

If you are having trouble accessing the ACOPA ListServe, please follow these instructions.

For more information about joining the ACOPA ListServe please contact