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FSEA Experience Track


Under the Experience Track, the FSEA will be awarded to Members of the Society of Enrolled Actuaries (MSEA) applicants who have demonstrated technical and thought leadership in the pension actuarial field over an extended period of time at a very high level.  To be eligible, you must be:

  • An MSEA. 
  • Have been enrolled as an enrolled actuary for at least 15 years.
  • Nominated by two other ASEA members who certify that the nominee has met these criteria before the MSEA is offered an application.   

Completed applications will be reviewed by a committee of five FSEAs, with final approval of recommended candidates by the ASEA Executive Committee.  Approved applicants will be awarded the FSEA designation at the 2021 ASEA Annual Business Meeting .  In considering the applications, consideration will be given to experience such as speaking at national conferences, teaching, publishing and volunteer participation in actuarial organizations.

ASEA will accept nominations from ASEA members of MSEAs they believe meet the criteria in August of 2021.  When two completed nomination forms are received, the nominee will be provided with an application to be considered for the FSEA in 2021.    A pdf and online nomination form will be available  for use in nominating an MSEA who members believe meet the qualifications for an FSEA designation,.  Nominators must be ASEA members (MSEA or FSEA) who are not partners in, nor employed by, the nominee's place of employment.  Nominators may also not have a family relationship with the nominee nor may the nominee be a client of either nominator.  A nominator may however be a nominee's client. 

Each nominee will be required to complete the application and submit it no later 7 days after the close of the nomination period.  

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No FSEA Credentials were conferred in 2018, 2019 or 2020.