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Plan Consultant Magazine

Welcome to the online home of ASPPA’s Plan Consultant magazine! 

Plan Consultant is a quarterly magazine designed to help retirement plan professionals improve their skills, enhance their knowledge, and conduct their business in a way that is professional, ethical, efficient and creative. Written by industry leaders and experienced retirement planning professionals, Plan Consultant provides timeless and practical, how-to processes and case studies that retirement professionals can use in their own practices. Articles are readable, practical, concise, accessible, and in some cases, inspirational.

Current Issue

The Summer Issue of PC Magazine Is Now Online!

For self-employed and small business owners with a Solo 401(k) plan, important rules need to be carefully considered in the coming years. In this issue’s cover story, an expert panel—Nevin Adams, Dick Billings, Shannon Edwards, John Markley, and Justin Bonestroo—take a closer look. In our feature articles, Erika Goodwin discusses the impact of ASPPA on Capitol Hill and the work of the Government Affairs team, and Russell Linderer discusses the adjustments that have affected 403(b)s in the midst of inflationary times. 

The Summer Issue also features the following:

  • Justin Bonestroos message as ASPPA President
  • A look inside the WiR Conference by Kirsten Curry
  • A refresher on the affiliated service group rules by Hannah Munn
  • Jeff Atwell discusses assisting plan advisors with rollover opportunities
  • A handy side-by-side comparison of the SECURE Act and SECURE 2.0, with expanded explanations, by Kelsey Mayo
  • A look at the IRS’ Anonymous Review Process by Brandon Long and Brian Beatty
  • Advice for recordkeepers about excess deferrals from Amy Ouellette
  • Discussion of the PBGC Special Financial Assistance program by John Iekel 
  • Theresa Conti and Shannon Edwards discuss getting a handle on all the new provisions of SECURE 2.0
  • A discussion by Theresa Conti, Linda Chadbourne, and Jim Racine of the next step in the process once one has decided to sell a TPA practice
  • John Iekel takes a look at the use of apps in obtaining information about retirement plans and planning
  • An examination of the allocation formula by Melissa Terito
  • Paul Perry offers suggestions on how to address a cyber breach effectively
  • Justin Bonestroo discusses successfully communicating bad news
  • And we name the newly credentialed members

You’ll also find commentary from American Retirement Association CEO Brian Graff.

You can browse the digital edition of the Summer 2023 issue below or by clicking here

For more information about previous editions of Plan Consultant, select the link: 

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