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Online Examination, Publication and Practice Exam Errata
Publication Errata RPF-1: Retirement Plan Fundamentals Part 1, 9th Edition(2014)
ESOPs for Plan Administrators, 1st Edition
DC-1 Textbook, 5th ed
DC-2 Textbook, 5th ed. (2013)

DB Study Guide, 7th ed

CPC Study Guide, 3rd Edition

The Source, 4th ed.

PFC-1: Retirement Plan Consulting for Financial Professionals, 4th Edition
PFC-2 Study Guide, 1st Ed.

ERISA Outline Book Errata

Webcourse & CPC Module Errata

Webcourse errata is provided within the Access Webcourse page (available once your purchase the webcourse and access); CPC module errata (if applicable) is provided within the module software.

Study Guide & Textbook References

RPF-1 Course Additional Reading

RPF-2 Course Additional Reading

TGPC-2 Course Additional Required Reading (provided in the TGPC-2 syllabus):

Additional Resources