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ASEA Actuarial Insights - (2023)

Join us virtually, January 25-26, 2023, for the ASEA Actuarial Insights! This event will be a snapshot of the most pressing issues of the day, to address your need for critical information ahead of our annual ASEA Advanced Actuarial Symposium, August 11-12, 2023. 

Engage with seasoned professionals and industry experts through the chat and Q&A feature during our presentations.

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  • $275 - Members
  • $340 - Non-Members




12:00 - 1:15 p.m. ET

Session 1: Government Update

During this fast-paced presentation, we’ll review the latest measures coming out of Washington that could affect retirement plans - including any action in the lame duck period. You’ll hear the latest developments from Capitol Hill and be prepared to field questions about the legislative developments that most concern your clients.

Kelsey H. Mayo, Director of Regulatory Affairs, American Retirement Association, Partner, Poyner Spruill LLP
Allison Wielobob, General Counsel, American Retirement Association / Executive Director, ASEA


1:30 - 2:45 p.m. ET

Session 2: 415

Are you designing a new DB plan to take advantage of COLA increases but don’t know how that prior DB distribution affects the maximum lump sum? Did you just discover that your new client has a Guild benefit? In this session, we’ll use case studies to explore 415 complexities and offer tips and strategies to move forward.
Larry Deutsch, FSEA, President, Larry Deutsch Enterprises
Kurt Piper, FSEA, Owner & Chief Actuary, Piper Pension & Profit Sharing


3:00 - 3:50 p.m. ET

Session 3: IRS Audits

Nothing dredges up a plan sponsor’s anxiety quite as much as a Department of Labor (DOL) investigation or an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits.  This session will look at recent enforcement trends and help you understand the process, know what to expect, consider recent issues, and provide proactive tips to avoid pitfalls (perhaps even avoid the audit!).  

Kelsey H. Mayo, Director of Regulatory Affairs, American Retirement Association, Partner, Poyner Spruill LLP


4:00 - 4:50 p.m. ET

Session 4: PBGC Plan Design Strategies

Have you noticed that your clients are paying higher PBGC premiums, even though their plans are well-funded on a termination basis?  Have you wondered how to achieve or avoid PBGC coverage?  If you are still reading, then this session is for you.  Find out about PBGC considerations during the plan design phase and how you can use the coverage rules to optimize your plan design, and also to keep those rising premiums manageable.

Mary Ann Rocco, MSEA, Mary Ann Rocco, EA Consulting Actuary
Kimberly A. (Kim) Corona, MSEA, Reviewing Actuary Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC



1:00 - 1:50 p.m. ET

Session 5: Compensation: Considerations and Conundrums

Do you know compensation? Do you really know compensation? This session will examine the various compensation definitions and how we can use them strategically under different scenarios. It will also cover pitfalls and conundrums that can spoil otherwise simple administration.

Kevin Donovan, FSEA, Managing Member, Pinnacle Plan Design, LLC


2:00 - 2:50 p.m. ET

Session 6: RMDs

Business owners adopt retirement plans to get tax deductions and accumulate pre-tax savings. In general, they do not want to take distributions. Help them by becoming an RMD pro!

In this webcast, we will teach you how to reduce your client's tax burden through:

  • Designing plans with features that maximize RMD options
  • Making the right elections at the right time
  • Avoiding costly mistakes

Charles A. Brown, FCA, MSEA, QPA, QKA - Actuarial Director, Wolters Kluwer (
Lorraine Dorsa, FCA, MSEA, CEBS, Aegis Pension Services, Inc.


3:00 - 3:50 p.m. ET

Session 7: Ethics

How well do you know the Code of Conduct that we are subject to in our everyday work? Have you reviewed the JBEA regulations and Circular 230 recently? This session will look at practical applications of these and test your knowledge on how they are applied. What do you do when there isn't a clear answer on how to solve your ethical dilemma? What can you learn from a different perspective? This will be an engaging session you will not want to miss!

Eric Brandon, MSEA, Pension Actuary, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
Michael Eaton, MSEA, CPC, Lead Actuary, FuturePlan by Ascensus


Need CE credits? We’ve got you covered!


ASPPA Members

The 2023 ASEA Actuarial Insights Conference offers 8 hours of ASPPA CE credit, including 1 hour of Ethics.


Actuaries (JBEA Credit)

8 hours of JBEA CE are available, including 4.5 hours of JBEA Core and 3.5 hours JBEA Non-Core. 1 hour of Ethics CE may be earned by attending the Ethics session. Formal CE may be earned from live session attendance. Recorded sessions are not eligible for JBEA CE.


Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents (ERPA Credit)

Attendees can earn 8 ERPA CE, including 1 ERPA Ethics CE, by attending live virtual conference sessions. ASPPA will provide the maximum amount of ERPA CE possible based on reported attendance.



NASBA CPE will not be available for attendees of this conference.


Event Policies

ASEA, The American Society of Enrolled Actuaries, is a part of the American Retirement Association (ARA), the umbrella organization for five affiliate organizations: ASEA, ASPPA, NAPA, NTSA and PSCA. The following event policies apply to ASEA Actuarial Insights:



All sessions will be recorded and registrants will have access to the recordings for 30 days after the virtual live event has concluded. However, CE will not be offered for listening to recorded sessions.



ASEA will send an email confirmation of your registration. If you have not received it within 10 business days after registering, please email Accounting.



All virtual events are non-refundable. Substitution of registrations is permitted prior to the event. Please email Accounting.


Program Content

The views and opinions expressed by speakers or others who have provided materials to and for this conference are not necessarily those of ASEA or ARA or its affiliate organizations. ASEA, ARA, and its affiliate organizations assume no responsibility for, nor endorse, any of the comments, recommendations or materials that are provided.


Event Code of Conduct

The American Retirement Association, the umbrella organization for the individual membership organizations: ASPPA, ASEA, NAPA, NTSA and PSCA (collectively the “ARA”), is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all participants at ARA events. All participants, including, but not limited to, attendees, speakers, volunteers, exhibitors, service providers and ARA staff members, and all others are expected to abide by this Events Code of Conduct. This policy applies to all ARA events (in-person and virtual), including all meetings and conferences, as well as events sponsored by organizations other than ARA but held in conjunction with ARA events. Read the full Event Code of Conduct.


Antitrust Policy

The American Retirement Association, the umbrella organization for five affiliate organizations, ASPPA, ASEA, NAPA, NTSA and PSCA (collectively the “ARA”), assigns the highest priority to full compliance with both the letter and the spirit of antitrust laws and it is vital that any ARA meetings be conducted in a manner consistent with this policy. Read the full Antitrust Policy.



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