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ASEA Operations

ASEA Operating Procedures

Current ASEA Operating Principles

Discipline Guidelines

The American Society of Enrolled Actuaires (ASEA, then known as ACOPA) previously advised members that the American Academy of Actuaries (“Academy”) had unilaterally removed ASEA and the Conference of Consulting Actuaries from the Selection Committee. The Academy’s action, in ASEA Leadership's view, created a significant gap in the Selection Committee’s perspective, leaving ASEA’s members without appropriate representation in the actuarial profession’s standard-setting and discipline process.

The ASEA Discipline Committee was established to draft disclosures to assist ASEA members to meet the ASOPs in the context of ASEA actuaries’ practices.

Here are proposed procedural guidelines for resolving ABCD complaints. Please find a draft compliance disclosure addressing ASOP 51 here. While this draft will likely change in response to your comments, they reflect our intent to provide ASEA members with useful guidance and fair treatment.

Please review these draft documents and submit your comments here: